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Wall, Wire Sawing & Chain Sawing

Wall Saw units are utilized when precise cuts are made for openings in vertical & horizontal surfaces. Wall Saws leave a smooth finish that is ready for installation of doors, windows, louver with no harm to the remaining structure. Our cutting abilities cut a depth of 24'' from one side.
Wire sawing is used to make deeper cuts such as machine pads, footings and bridge piers abutments.

Core Drilling & Hand Drills

Core Drills can cut holes from ½'' to 60'' in diameter with unlimited depth. Typically core holes are made in walls, ceilings, roofs, bridges, tunnels, vaults, and road surfaces. They are used to test core sampling of concrete and asphalt. To route cables, piping, and wires through structures for renovations, demolition or new construction. Stitch drilling is another way of drilling to allow another way to drill a more efficient hole.

Hand drilling is done when we are unable to set anchors upon the structure being drilled.

Chain sawing is done to eliminate over cuts.

Slab Sawing Gas, Diesel, Electric & Propane

Slab Sawing is to cut flat surfaces such as roadways, floors, bridge decks, suspended slabs, and roofs can be cut quickly and precisely up to 24'' deep. Our equipment is powered by gas, diesel, electric, or propane to allow different types of sawing methods.


  • Wall, Wire Sawing & Chain Sawing
  • Slab Sawing Gas, Diesel, Electric & Propane
  • Core Drilling & Hand Drills
  • NAWDBE Certified

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