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About Us

Founded on invention and built on community support, Horicon Bank continues to innovate the way we do banking. And our commitment to community has only grown stronger. With better banking options for our customers’ lives and a strong tie to our community roots, Horicon Bank is your digital community bank!

Our Logo
Horicon Marsh is a focal point for migratory birds in Wisconsin, which is why we chose the Canada goose for our logo. It’s a very strong bird with a tremendous range yet very captivating and organized in flight. The Canada goose builds lifelong relationships, and so do we.

Our Environment
Due to our proximity to one of the world’s greatest wetlands, home to hundreds of bird species, Horicon Bank has been closely branded with the Horicon Marsh. Our logo displays a goose flying at sunset, and all of our lobbies feature a welcome desk area displaying plants to remind visitors of the Horicon Marsh.

Horicon Bank has taken steps internally to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Our Fond du Lac and Oshkosh offices are two of the few geothermal bank buildings in the Midwest. Horicon Bank is also one of a few banks designated as "Eco-Conscious" by Sustain Link.

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